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"Kevin T. Robertson is a Professional Speaker who provides insights and methods that move you to immediate action.”

Les Brown

CEO, Les Brown Enterprises, Inc

"Mr. Kevin T. Robertson is the ultimate professional that is heart-led and holds nothing back that will assist his students to achieve speaking success! Through his program, he teaches people to turn their dreams and goals into reality! Speaker Focus is phenomenal! If you are looking to invest in yourself to catapult you beyond your wildest dreams this is it!”

Tinamarie Rodriguez

CEO, Tinamarie Speaks LLC

"KTR taught me how to be more focused on my speaking goals. His proven system is authentic and I connected with that energy immediately to let me know I was moving in the right direction.”

Flame Newton

CEO, School of Credit

"Speaker Focus has given me new life in the art of professional speaking. It has taught me how to be more organize and packaging my messaging, branding , and signature programs. KTR has coached me to become a more complete communicator. His reality based program delivers key development to individuals to become the best presenters across the world. In my Opinion Speaker Focus is number one.”

Corey Parks

Professional Speaker

"KTR has helped me recognize my full potential as a thought leader and learned the unlimited value of building a speaker business.”

Derrick Harmon

Executive Assistant to Bob Arum at Top Rank Boxing

"Speaker Focus is easy to understand and helped me go at a pace that was a perfect fit with my lifestyle and work schedule. KTR will help you deal with your own inner-fears and empower you with the confidence to take your speaking goals serious.”

Jenai Childress

Executive Director, Kids Wear Pink Too

"Kevin is the best at getting the most out of people who aspire to thrive in the business of professional speaking.”

Ron Henderson

Talk Show Host